17 Best Český Krumlov Photo Spots for Your Instagram

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Český Krumlov, this adorable little town nestled in the heart of the Bohemian region, is renowned for its medieval charm and picturesque landscapes, drawing in tourists throughout the year. It’s a gold mine for capturing breathtaking pictures, especially against the iconic castle tower and the winding Vltava River in the backdrop. Despite its compact size, finding the perfect spot to capture its alluring beauty can be a bit overwhelming.

Lucky for you, I’ve already taken on the arduous task of wandering around this charming town multiple times, uncovering all the cute nooks, corners, and hilltops from where you can snap stunning pictures. While some spots might be obvious, they tend to be bustling with tour groups. That’s why I’ve also included some of the best-hidden (or, more like, hidden in plain sight) Český Krumlov photo spots, ensuring you get stunning pictures for your Instagram post or personal photobook.

I’ve included a handy map with marked photo spots to make your life easier. Hence, you can save yourself a lot of research time and focus on capturing the magic of Český Krumlov!

Alright, let’s dive into the nitty-gritty of top photo spots in Český Krumlov– we’re starting with the big guns! Or maybe I’m keeping the best for last; who knows? Keep reading to find out more.

Now, onto the main viewpoints. Yeah, they might be obvious, but hey, who doesn’t love a good viewpoint? Český Krumlov got a bunch, and we’re spilling the tea on the absolute best.

Don’t we all love viewpoints? This pretty little town is filled with quite a lot of them, and we will cover all the best ones.

The Best Český Krumlov Photo Spots

How To Use The Map?

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1. Seminární Zahrada

If you have seen pictures of people posing on a ledge with the whole town as their backdrop – that’s the spot! Seminární Zahrada is a park-terrace hybrid with a red tiled ledge tailor-made for posing.

Good to know! This is easily accessible and located in a prime area on the way to the old town, making it quite busy all day.

Pro tip! It’s a hotspot, so hit it early or catch the sunset for a crowd-free experience to make the best use of the soft lighting, which can do wonders for your photos.

2. Vyhlídka

A hidden gem less famous than its cousin, Vyhlídka, gives you a sweeping panorama of the entire town. There is no sit-on ledge here, but metal grills (not the ugly ones) are tall enough for that casual lean-back-and-pose move. It’s along a busy road, but it’s worth the stroll from the town center.

Psst! Bus traveler? Don’t skip this viewpoint on your walk from the main bus station to the old town center.

3. Český Krumlov Castle Tower

A sure shot way to get great views is to ascend any tower you can find. Climbing the iconic castle tower might mean it won’t grace your picture, but fear not; Český Krumlov has a few impressive church spires, the meandering Vltava River, endless red rooftops (potentially dusted with fresh snow in winter), and rolling hills that paint a picturesque scene. Unlike other European towers, this one is broad and lacks any metal grates at the top, providing unobstructed views. The top boasts beautifully arched columns, perfect for framing your portraits.

Tip! For best results, try to avoid visiting during the afternoon when the light is too bright and harsh.

Good to know! There is an entry fee to climb the tower, and it mostly comes as a combo ticket along with the entry to visit the castle museum. If that’s not something you want to do, don’t worry; we have many photo spots you can access without a ticket.

4. Konírna, Sedlárna

Situated on the opposite end of the cloak bridge, Courtyard V has a viewpoint at its farthest end. It offers a closer, stunning panorama of the castle, tower, and gracefully flowing river—all without a ticket. It provides a unique perspective from a completely different side of the castle compared to other viewpoints. Free access adds to its allure.

5. The Corridors of Cloak Bridge

Enter the corridors of the cloak bridge, which is undoubtedly majestic. Here, you can capture fantastic views of the church of St. Vitus and an aerial perspective of the old town center. Statues on the corridor itself add a touch of magic to your Instagram-worthy shots. Get your creative juices flowing (who says creative juices anyway?) and capture some exciting pictures from the bridge.

6. The Corridor Connecting Courtyard II And Courtyard III of Český Krumlov Castle

The castle is filled with many photo spots, but this one could be easily overlooked, so I have added it to our list. When you walk along the uphill corridor, which connects the lower castle to the upper castle, you will see a small door on your left with a tiny balcony. The view from the balcony is spectacular, and this little nook makes for a nice photo spot. So definitely check it out on your visit. Access to this part of the castle is completely free.

7. Vyhlídková Terasa

Consider this your backup viewpoint to the bustling Seminární Zahrada. Located very close to the famous viewpoint, which tends to attract crowds, Vyhlídková Terasa offers a similar view but is relatively unknown to tourists. If you happen to be on a day trip and cannot go to Seminární Zahrada during the early hours of the day, then this spot is your best friend. Even if you’ve enjoyed the famous viewpoint, this spot is worth checking out as it is only a few meters away.

Other Impressive Český Krumlov Photo Spots

Well, there are so many cute photo spots in the town. With every corner you turn, you will make you want to take some shots. Such is the charm of this little magical town.

8. Lávka pod Zámkem

While the Cloak Bridge is undeniably majestic, capturing its grandeur in a single frame poses a challenge. It serves as the bridge connecting the old town center to the castle, and it’s perfectly positioned in front of it, making it an ideal photo spot. The challenge lies in capturing a picture without the hustle and bustle, so an early morning visit is your best bet. After 10 a.m., the bridge becomes a hotspot for various tour groups and locals going about their day.

9. Vltava Bridge

Connecting the bustling old town center to the quieter side, Vltava Bridge offers a serene and picturesque photo spot. Fewer tourists in this part of town than the castle side makes it more special. It also provides a closer yet complete view of St. Vitus church—a photogenic gold spire.

10. Radniční

On one end of Radniční Street, closer to the Lazebnický most, you can frame the beautiful castle tower against the narrow, busy cobblestone street with cute little shops. This spot looks incredibly beautiful both during the day when you can see the castle tower’s details and at night when the street is lit with moody lights.

11. Latrán

Latrán is one of the most charming streets of Český Krumlov, where you can find old but beautiful pastel-colored houses with a lot of character. It is bustling with a lot of local stores where you can buy souvenirs. The atmosphere of this street is wonderful to take a lot of interesting pictures. Also, you get a nice closer shot of the spire of St. Jost Church (the church that has a teal-colored dome clearly visible in the skyline of the town along with the St Vitus church and the castle tower).

12. Kostelní

Nestled on Kostelní Street, this charming spot is perfect for capturing the pink spire of St. Vitus church, framed by narrow buildings. If you appreciate naturally framing your subjects with the elements around them, this location should definitely be on your list.

13. The Intersection of Masná and Horní

Another captivating location is the intersection of Masná and Horní, offering a unique framing opportunity for the majestic rounded castle tower against a narrow cobblestone street. The enchanting vibes make it an ideal setting for your next mesmerizing shot. This spot is conveniently located on the way to the popular viewpoint at Seminární Zahrada.

14. Městské Sady

A narrow path resembling more of a trail along the river, Městské Sady extends into Městský Park Český Krumlov. The trees along the path and the flowing river create a serene backdrop for your photos. As it’s not the busiest spot, you can enjoy moments of peace and tranquility.

15. Náměstí Svornosti

The town’s main square, Náměstí Svornosti, serves up a visual feast. This square transforms into a winter wonderland during Christmas markets. It features an ornate fountain with the plague column at its center, surrounded by charming pastel-colored homes. Imagine twinkling lights, festive decorations, and a massive Christmas tree; it is definitely a sight to behold. (I am already dreaming about the yummy Christmas market treats.)

16. Museum Fotoatelier Seidel

For photography enthusiasts, a visit to Museum Fotoatelier Seidel is a must. It promises a nostalgic experience, allowing you to step back in time. Aside from exploring on your own, you can even have your own period photoshoot.

Pro tip! For the period photoshoot experience, pre-book your slot on the official site. It’s undeniably quite the place.

For more information about Museum Fotoatelier Seidel, check out our detailed guide for Český Krumlov.

17. Synagogue in Český Krumlov

Strolling down Za Soudem Street, which stretches across the synagogue’s entrance, reveals lush hedges on either side, creating the perfect backdrop for capturing beautiful pictures with the synagogue in view. This is another gem to add to your Český Krumlov photo spots.

Alright, folks! That is the end of our little photo adventure in Český Krumlov; I hope these awesome photo spots keep your Instagram poppin’.

From the best viewpoints, secret spots to capture the castle tower with the gracious Vltava River vibes, and all those secret gems hidden in the alleys, you are now all set to fill your phone/camera memory with spectacular shots of this Bohemian fairy tale. So, as you pack up that camera, take not just pics but the feels of a town that’s pure magic through any lens.

I will be thrilled to hear about your favorite Český Krumlov photo spots or anything that you would like to share. Do tag me in your beautiful pictures.

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