Suryagarh, Jaisalmer: 9 Reasons Why the Stay is Beyond Luxurious

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Staying in Suryagarh is an experience beyond luxury, and I am not at all exaggerating. You hear a lot about a place and dream so much about being there, and once you visit, you realize it is not what you thought. Yes, Suryagarh was exactly like that for me. It was way beyond just a beautiful fort and so much beyond what I could imagine a hotel to be.

Be prepared to be blown away by the beauty of the place. Also, the extreme hospitality and many experiences inside and outside Suryagarh will sweep you off your feet.

After spending a wonderful day roaming around the Jaisalmer Fort and havelis, we were also exhausted. We wanted to sort out the return ticket issue while riding in the taxi (Yes, my flights were canceled a day before our return). I was waiting on the phone for my turn to speak to the customer care agent to get my refund for the flight tickets.

A Grand Welcome

As the car entered Suryagarh’s compound, I finally got to speak to the airlines. That was when I noticed a band of people colorfully dressed in Rajasthani ethnic wear and orange turbans approaching our car, playing welcome music. I desperately waited to hang up the phone and enjoy the royal welcome. I have seen this kind of welcome only in movies, and I was totally not expecting it. Who does so unless you are from a royal family?

Warm Hospitality

After a very grand welcome, we were taken to Suryagarh’s reception area. We were served welcome drinks and snacks as we sat in their aesthetically decorated waiting area, waiting for our room keys and other check-in formalities. Here came a big surprise for us! The concierge came to us with all the check-in documents and a big smile to tell us that they had upgraded us to the Luxury Suite for our anniversary. Later he talked about other events planned for the evening.

Beautiful Organic Garden

It took a while for us to recover from the pleasant surprise that had hit us. We are budget travelers, so this was completely magical. We freshened up and went down to explore the place. Suryagarh has a lovely garden behind the main courtyard, which is filled with organic vegetables and flowers, besides which there was a horse. I sat on it and held on to it tightly while the horse and the handler took me on a walk around the place. He was such a friendly, well-trained horse!

Gabbar and the Gang

I already knew that there were three adorable little munchkins (dogs) in Suryagarh. I found that out through my deep research (by which I mean some serious stalking of their Instagram profile).

Yeah, we became so attached to dogs, especially Goldens, after we got one ourselves (Sunshine). And so immediately after my horse ride, we were keenly looking for a sight of those wagging tails as they weren’t pretty hard to find. We enjoyed some time playing with Gabbar and the gang.

Amazing Backdrops for Photos

We were invited for a cultural evening later at Suryagarh’s outdoor entertainment area. We roamed around exploring the fort taking a gazillion pictures. It could be a perfect place for an actual photoshoot.

Tip! Ladies, bring out your flowy maxi dresses and skirts and any elegant piece of clothing you own, even if it weighs a ton. This is the absolute place to become a fairy-tale princess. I really wish I had got a lehenga with me. But still managed to take a lot of pictures.

Psst! We actually skipped two main attractions from our itinerary as we got completely carried away by the magical Suryagarh. It was like it had put a charm on us or something. I would never easily give up a place I had planned in my itinerary quite easily. (I am the gotta do it all type, you see.)

Colorful Cultural Evenings

After an hour of roaming around, it was time for the cultural evening by Mehboob Khan and the other artists. The whole place was perfectly set up for the evening with all the typical Rajasthani furniture made of jute and wood with a pop of colorful cushions. Authentic Rajasthani folk music is passed on over generations. This, combined with the ghoomar performance by the wonderful ladies, was such a treat to the eyes and soul. It carries you far away from reality.

After being completely wooed by the performance, we headed to the main courtyard to enjoy dinner under the stars. I mean, the surprises for the day just kept coming. We entered our suite with full tummies from the delicious Rajasthani dinner. That was when we saw a big yummy chocolate cake waiting for us in our suite as an anniversary special which was a perfect end to our day.

Serene Mornings

The next day we were up early just to make the best use of the little time we had left to spend in this fairyland. As we were about to head to breakfast, we heard the sound of a flute playing from a distance. We quickly hurried up to see where the sound came from. We realized it was a regular tradition at Suryagarh where a person plays a flute sitting on a window opening out to the main courtyard where breakfast is served.

Sitting in the main courtyard enjoying the little chirping birds and the ducks wandering around swimming in the little flower-shaped pond was surreal. The army of wagging tails will also pay you a visit and get paid in cuddles and kisses for sparking some joy into your day. Not just the dogs, and ducks, you could also spot a peacock spreading its beautiful feathers. We even saw a little tortoise chilling on the lawn. All the animals are very well treated and cared for. They have the freedom to move around with their respective caretakers monitoring them up close.

Great In-house Facilities

They have some great in-house facilities to enjoy.

Neel – A big beautiful, temperature-controlled indoor pool.

Rait – A spa with a specialty sand ritual to relieve stress and energize you to continue your exploration.

Akhara – Don’t want to miss your daily fitness regime? Then head on to the gym and start your day with some workouts.

Unique Guided Excursions

Suryagarh also arranges various special excursions in the less explored areas of Jaisalmer. Do check their website for a luxurious day trip.

After spending the remaining time exploring the fort, we bid adieu to Suryagarh with a heavy heart, hoping to return some other time. (I guess it’s more like a bucket list item, and I am glad I was able to tick it off my list.)

If you are planning a trip to Jaisalmer, consider staying at Suryagarh. There are also many other options which I have listed in my ultimate guide to Jaisalmer.

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