30 Important Things to Pack for a Fall Season Trip

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Packing for a fall trip might be difficult for many people. Fall is gorgeous, but the weather can also be quite unpredictable. So, let me offer you some tips to help you pack for a fall season trip.

Firstly, fall is known for its showers and tends to be mostly cooler. It’s time to take out your cozy sweaters and rain jackets.

Pack the Day Bag

Harry Potter fans! Do you remember the small bag Hermione carries that always has all the stuff they need during their adventure? I wish I could have such a tiny bag that fits everything, but I call my day bag Hermione’s bag.

It contains almost everything needed for the day when I am roaming out. In contrast, my actual travel bags are lying in some corner of my hotel room or, in most cases, the reception as it is checkout time already.

I use this Daybag I bought from Amazon, which is my favorite now. It has a gazillion pockets for all my things and is waterproof, so I no longer need to worry about covering my bag when it starts to pour. Aaand most importantly, it is so cute, and it comes in a variety of colors.

Getting on to the stuff I keep in it!

Weatherproofing Stuff

Umbrella – A nice compact storm/wind-resistant umbrella is a must-have. (which I apparently forgot to pack for my trip). The winds can be crazy sometimes, so the umbrella you use must resist the winds.

Waterproof gloves – It could get really cold after the rains, so I always have a pair of gloves with me (yes, yes, the ones where you still use your phone)

Beanie – It can come in handy when it is windy and cold. Also looks hella cute.

Scarf – I love them. I mostly wear mine, but sometimes when it is not so cold, I fold and tuck them away in my bag so I can always pull them out if it gets cold.

Sun Glasses – I need not tell you why. Do you also carry them with you, always like me?

Essential Stuff

I carry two wallets these days. One with all my necessary IDs, extra cash, and passport, which I keep in the safest pocket of my bag, so it’s nicely secured and tucked away from the rest of the items. Another tiny card holder in a different pocket of my bag or jacket that carries my frequently used card and some money.

My little medical kit – I pack a pouch of my emergency medical supplies, a little stash of everything. Also, Band-Aids because I am a little accident-prone like that. Band-Aids are essential as I sometimes fall or bump against random things. I also keep some hand sanitizer and spare masks (just in case).

I keep my tissue dispenser pocket in my bag, always loaded. Yes, you read it right, a tissue dispensing pouch. This was the first I had heard of a bag that had one before I got this.

A water bottle is a must. I carry one, which can also retain the water temperature for a few hours (both hot and cold). Also has a small cup that is a part of the bottle.

Selfie stick might sound very silly because mostly Roopesh takes my pictures and vice versa. Still, we realized we could not take some good ones together. Then we started using one, which also doubles as a tripod for phones and comes with a Bluetooth clicker. Now we no longer have to ask a random stranger for pictures. Although, in crowded places, we still ask as we can’t risk the possibility of someone taking the phone and running away (Safety first!).

Tip! If you want your pictures clicked, check for fellow tourists with the same hesitant look as you. Offer to click their picture, and they may return the favor by clicking yours.

Extra pair of socks, it is better to pack one rather than staying wet feet.

Some snack bars as they come in handy while traveling in trains and buses during the day.

Headphones and mobile charger (It’s a must, never know when you will need them).

My husband takes his Kindle along. (I am not much of a reader, you see!)

Hand Cream, handy moisturizer, lip balm, and sunscreen. This might not seem very important until you need them. Put them in your bag, and you will thank me one day.

Pen and a small notepad (I have never used the notepad, though). But I know the day will come to use it sometime. (Maybe to get an autograph of a celebrity who I may randomly bump into? Cannot completely rule out the possibility of it!)

Yes, a power bank could be very nice. Although I never have one.

Also, a small packable jacket, just as an additional layering if needed. 

Finally, I have a lot of space to stuff all the tiny cute things I buy when I travel (I buy postcards, Christmas decors, magnets, and many more. I know, it’s a lot.)

The Main Luggage

Always take just carryon sized luggage, either a backpack or a cabin-sized suitcase! It is the best size if you have to stash it in a storage locker or carry it and roam around when you are in between two hotels.

Select clothing that you can mix and match to make many outfits, this way, you can even wear two different outfits per day and pack a lot less. Wear your heaviest clothing and shoes. Pack the lighter ones.

Select one outerwear that goes with almost every outfit.

Try to use a packing or compression cube and organize them as a complete outfit so that you can get ready quicker.

Pack a travel-sized toiletries kit. It will save you a lot of space. You do not need to roam around with your big moisturizer bottle everywhere.

Always pack extra bags. You could take a small foldable tote bag or even a shopping bag.

Pack an extra bag to separate your dirty clothes.

That should be all! If you are wondering where to visit during the fall season, then I would like to suggest the magical Bruges. Read about some amazing and adorable things you can do in Bruges during the fall season.

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