Useful Information to Know Before You Visit Bruges

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Are you planning a trip to Bruges (Brugge)? Do you also have a lot of questions running through your mind about whether it is the right time to visit Bruges or how to reach Bruges? Worry not, as I have compiled some information that could save you some time in planning your trip to this cute little medieval town.

What is the Best Time to Visit Bruges?

Well, the simple answer is anytime. It mostly depends on your preference. April through June has a mild climate. The trees are green, and the days are long. 

September through October will have comparatively fewer tourists, which means less expensive accommodation. Also, who doesn’t enjoy the fall colors? 

Beep Beep! It is also the time when there is a lot of rain in Bruges. So, if you don’t mind a little shower changing your plans, it could be the best time to visit Bruges (Budget-friendly season).

Psst! Believe me, the cloudy weather, the drizzle, and a tiny ray of sunshine from behind those heavy dark clouds could give your pictures a whole different dynamic.

November through March is winter in Bruges, so it is colder, but you can still enjoy this place. The Christmas markets start filling the market square, and Bruges becomes even more magical during the winter.

When Did I Visit Bruges?

I visited Bruges in September when the temperature started dropping after the peak summer. The leaves began turning from green to yellow to all shades screaming fall. It was more romantic than it sounds. Pardon my writing skills.

The sky was low and grey, with the light gleaming behind the clouds. The damp cobblestone roads in the small alleys filled with medieval houses made it insanely picturesque.

Pro Tip! Can’t stress enough about the umbrellas. Please carry your umbrellas (if possible, the cute colorful ones – gotta good look in your pictures, right?) and functional ones. You don’t want yourself to fight with an umbrella that is constantly turning upside down.

(I have also added a short packing must-haves post after some really not-so-good experience so that you need not have one.)

Is Bruges Worth a Visit?

Absolutely! Especially in winter. I want to gorge on delicious Belgian waffles with whipped cream and chocolate and browse through the Christmas markets with the sound of Belfry tower and the horse-drawn carriages in the background. (Knowing me, I will be primarily broke because of buying everything that is Christmassy.)

How to Reach Bruges?

The best way is to hop on a train from Antwerp or Brussels (Belgium) to Bruges. Antwerp is well connected by railways, but you could also fly to Brussels and take a train to Bruges. We chose Antwerp because it was the closest one and I love to visit beautiful railway stations (Choo choo!). The Antwerp station has a grand architecture that is referred to as the railway cathedral.

Okay, dragging myself back from dreaming, to explain how to reach Bruges..

It takes an hour and a half from Antwerp to Bruges and a little more than an hour from Brussels to Bruges by train. If you plan a long European getaway, consider buying the eurail or interrail passes.

If you are planning to drive, please check on the no-car days (Specifically Sundays, if I am not wrong) in Bruges. On no-car days, cars cannot be used inside the main city from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m.

Fashion Advice Anyone?

As a person who likes to dress up but also mainly as a person who sticks to basics and does not own a vast collection, I would like to throw out some weird fashion tips.

Firstly, before pulling your entire wardrobe out to start packing up for the trip, please CHECK THE WEATHER! It’s a must when you are traveling. You don’t want the weather to hit you with a nasty surprise.

My Kind of Fashion

As I visited Bruges during the fall, I added a lot of colors that would suit the fall medieval backdrop. Black and white (my all-weather colors) with a pop of red and navy blue were my choice of colors. I preferred to wear something feminine and flowy, like a skirt paired with a sweater or a lovely little dress. But I also wore comfortable pants for activities requiring movement, like climbing Belfry.

Comfortable shoes are always a priority, especially when you go to places where a lot of walking is involved. But I also like to wear my Boots for my dresses and skirts (Fall outfits are incomplete without a pair of boots). Unfortunately, Boots are uncomfortable for me to walk for long hours, although they keep my feet toasty warm and dry. So, I also pack a pair of nice sneakers, perfect for days involving a lot of walking and climbing.

Tip! Always carry a nice all-weather jacket, which you can layer up or down based on the climate. Make sure it is water-proof or at least water-repellent.

That’s all the tips I have for you at this time. Are you excited to visit Bruges? I visited Bruges in the fall, so I have compiled some amazing and adorable things you can do in Bruges during the fall season. Also, don’t forget to read about the important things to pack for a fall season trip.

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